2016 Road Running - A Summary of the Year

2016 was not a bad year for road running in Berkshire: we had more people participating in more events, which has got to be good.

A total of 98 people registered, including one poor soul who managed to collect an injury between submitting an entry and receiving an acknowledgement, but excluding the absent-minded person who failed to register, but nonetheless completed all 4 events. The first entry was received on 31 Oct 2015; the last on 28 Sep 2016.

And the times were very respectable: for instance,

  • at Wokingham, all the medalists in the SM and MV40 categories, plus the winners in the MV50, MV60 and SF categories, were under 90 minutes; 
  • at Maidenhead, 4 of the medallists were under the hour; 
  • at Wargrave, all the medallists, including one lady at the tender age of three score and ten, were under 60 minutes; 
  • and the SM gold and silver medallists were under 3 hours at Abingdon. 

But let us not forget the back-markers. For many of us, there comes a point when the time becomes less important than just finishing. That last mile can be a lonely experience, but one day, when faced with an over-bearing manager, an irritating neighbour, a cancelled flight or an outrageous tax demand, it helps to remember "I can hack it, I've been through worse", and that is a valuable piece of positive self-knowledge.