2017 Road Running - A Summary of the Year

There were 77 entries for this year’s Race and Trophy competitions, a 12% drop on last year.

There is no discernible pattern to this decrease: there is no correlation with age or sex — and, indeed, some categories went up.

All events went off smoothly, and we must congratulate the organisers, and thank them for their co-operation in the County Championships.

The number of entrants who finished each event of the programme were: Wokingham half marathon 56 Maidenhead AC 10 miles 39 Wargrave 10k 22 Abingdon marathon 16 which represents a 24% decrease in participation on last year, with each event showing a drop.

And the times were very respectable: for instance, — at Wokingham, all the medalists in the SM and MV40 categories, the winner in the MV50 and MV60 category, and Gold and Silver in the Senior Females were under 90 minutes (a target the winner of the FV45 category missed by seconds). — pretty much the same bunch of people managed to beat 70 minutes for the Maidenhead, while the Senior Men’s Gold went under one hour. — at Wargrave, as last year, all the medallists, including the same lady at the tender age of three score and ten, were under 60 minutes, while the SM and MV40 medallists all went under 45 minutes. — and the SM gold medallist went round in less than 3 hours at Abingdon.

The whole of this competition is administered via email, a process which has worked well again this year.

Phil Chastney

RR secretary